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Casaba Vodka is made from the cassava root, also known as tapioca, manioc or yucca. The cassava originates from South America, but is now also grown in Asia and Africa.


Taste the tropical feeling from the first sip. Casaba Vodka has an earthy tone with a fruity finish. Made possible by the best cassava roots and crafted with love . Feel connected by roots and hand this feeling over to others.


Cassava can take up to 18 months to harvest and needs 8+ months of warm weather to grow. It does best in full sunlight.


Casaba Vodka is produced in Schiedam, the city with centuries of expertise in distilling spirits, in one of the most famous distilleries in the world: Onder de Boompjes Distillery, also known as ODB Beverages.

Casaba means cassava in Surinamese

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